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2015-01-16 11:27:28
πŸ’° πŸ’° 52 Week money Challenge! πŸ’° πŸ’°


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52 Week Money Challenge!


The year is almost over! With February 1st almost here it’s important to get those New Year’s resolutions in order,

HECK, these first 30 days of the year, are just for Planning New Years Resolutions!

I have the perfect one! Save $1,378.00 by next year’s end. And no it isn’t hard and it isn’t by grabbing change out the car and from the couch cushions (although that does help & probably will). How does this simple ingenious idea work? Each week of the year, you save that much in dollars. So week one you save $1.00 and week 52 you save $52.00. Simple, center?!


I tried this last year and didn’t quite make it. Shame shame shame. We took a Stay-Cation around week 31. But this year I’m determined to make it all the way. $1378.00…here I come! It’s so important to get into the habit of saving. If you need to start simpler do that; there is a plan for saving in .25 increments too. Check out the printable template. It really is amazing!


Whatever you decide, any extra money in the ‘bank’ will be helpful come next Christmas! This is a Great way to Save up throughout the year... and all of us could probably Use a little rainy day fund!


What will you do with $1,378 Saved Up? 



It's Super Simple... Grab yourself a Jar or a container, a Tin or Piggy Bank, Heck an Envelope will work.

Stick a label on it... & Boom You're Done!   Well.....

You're Almost Done, you still have a year of Savings left, But the Hard part is over with.


52 Week Money Challenge!

Over the next Year, you will be able to Easily Save


Here are a couple of way you can Save...

Option 1: On week one, you deposit $1 in to your savings Jar... and week 2 you deposit $2 and so on!
 Well, by the End of the year, you will have saved over $1,300 just a little at a time! If you are paid every two weeks, you can just so your weekly deposits as you get paid! If you get a little overtime in the simmer, add as extra $20 for the weeks when the payments are a little bit bigger!

Option 2: You can start at the bottom of the list. This means on Week 1 you deposit $52, week 2 you deposit $51 etc... then the hardest part is out of the way and as you near the end the year, you'll have big savings and just a little deposit to make!


  1. Choose a day to make your deposit each week. If you make it on Sunday this week, make it on Sunday next week.
  2. Print and Fill out this form. It works Great to keep you on track and keeps you motivated.
  3. Decide right away what you are going to do with the savings. Having a purpose will make you more likely to stay on track.
  4. If you have extra money when you have smaller deposits, you can add extra and take it off a later date to make it easier!

  5. If you have a partner or spouse, make sure the are on board! It's easier to do together.

I'd love to link up to the original source of the 52 Week Money Challenge, But I really don't know who came up with this plan! I've seen it on Facebook and Pinterest for years now and it's just too Awesome Not to Share!


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                                      And As Always, Your Realtor® or Not, I'm Here for you.

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πŸ’° πŸ’° 52 Week money Challenge! πŸ’° πŸ’°

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